The Cay Lesson 4




¨     read a variety of fiction and non-fiction materials (e.g., novels, short stories, poetry, essays, articles) for different purposes;

¨     read aloud, showing understanding of the material and awareness of the audience;

¨     identify the main ideas in information materials, explain how the details support the main ideas, and question and evaluate the ideas in the material;


¨      The Cay novel, Lesson Plan, blindfolds


¨     Pair students up with another

¨     Students lead one another around the school blindfolded

¨     Students reflect with the title The Cay- Blindfold Activity:

1.      How did you feel when you were blindfolded?

2.      Why was it important to trust the person who was leading you?

3.      Being blindfolded made me feel . . .

4.      Leading someone who cannot see made me feel . . .

¨     Read Chapter 4

¨     Complete discussion questions from teacher manual:

1.      What did Phillip know about black people? What experience had he had with them? (pages 41-42, They lived in a different section of town. He didn’t really know any of them.”)

2.      What do you think Timothy meant when he said, “Tomorrow might be a veree long day, an we ‘ave much work to do.” (page 43, Staying alive on a raft is hard to do.)

3.      Why do you think Stew Cat is important? (List classes responses

4.      How did Phillip react to his blindness? (page 48 He was frightened and angry at Timothy and his mother.)

5.      How do the events in this chapter prove to be roadblock in solving the main crisis?

6.      Provide a Chapter title for this Chapter.



Comprehension Questions, informal observation



Storyboarding, review for comprehension, preferential seating